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Meet Amy Smith Montoya.

Amy has always struggled with being called a “natural-born leader,” knowing her own leadership skills developed with the help of several mentors, a variety of failures, and her impending success. She believes anyone who desires to grow as a leader can. No one is more passionate about seeing you and your business reach its fullest potential.


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Individual & Group Coaching

Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to develop yourself and your team into becoming a successful leader or group of leaders. In fact, leaders in any industry who have a coach are more successful than those who do not!

Team Workshops

Maximize individual and team performance. Teach teams to think like CEOs and owners. Align employee missions with company vision. Improve organizational communication. Would any of these workshops help your team? Your Company? Contact Amy today to get started.

Business Consulting

Amy’s business consulting services include leadership development, improving communication skills, dealing with specific issues/challenges, and much more. Have a more unique consulting need? Amy’s vast experience can help you achieve your goals.

The Leadership Game

The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game is a comprehensive game based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. The game helps organizations improve their leadership intelligence and increase effectiveness. Why? “Because everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Maxwell.


Amy led The Leadership Game for our young professionals' organization. Even though the game is typically played with people within one organization, Amy easily adapted her facilitation to suit the needs of our diverse group. Through her guidance, we were able to learn from each other, hear different perspectives on leadership, reflect, share, and discuss. In the short time we had with Amy we were all able to take away new ideas along with tangible action items on becoming better leaders immediately leaving the event, ranging from strength recognition to methods of reflection. Overall it was an extremely impactful and beneficial event!
I appreciate any opportunity I have to learn from Amy; her focus on teaching, and living, authentic and intentional leadership have set an invaluable example for me! Amy has helped me to focus on being intentional both in my personal growth and in striving to grow those around me. She has helped me to find, and define, passions and growth areas I never would have thought about, and has frequently challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to chase change I would have never thought possible!
Khara House (Bella Investment Group)
The Mastermind group allowed me to look deep inside and find strengths that I didn’t know I possessed.  It has increased my awareness on all levels and has shown me that I am not just a manager, I am a leader.
We reached out to Amy about helping us with our annual retreat after meeting her in an extremely compelling leadership training she hosted in Flagstaff. After reviewing our goals, we were excited to hear that she could help us pre-plan the retreat, as well as be on sight guiding the team through her exercises. Amy's dynamic personality allowed her to connect with our young and energetic team quickly. Her exercises were engaging, EXTREMELY insightful and have shown big benefits with our team since the training. You can tell when you first meet her, that she is a game changer for businesses looking to get to that next level! Highly recommend.

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