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Amy is passionate about personal growth and the impact that can have on one’s leadership capacity.

During Amy’s career in the property management and real estate investment sector, she learned that leading from a place of authenticity bred the greatest success. She defines authentic leadership simply — identify and express your strengths while having the courage to acknowledge your own personal challenges.

Currently, co-owner of Northern Arizona property management company, Bella Investment Group, LLC, she has succeeded in increasing morale, efficiencies and profits in her roles as Marketing Director, Vice President of Finance, Chief Operating Officer, and Managing Partner.

Amy guides operational strategy with a personal touch, striving to give each of her employees a meaningful place in the organization.

Keep reading to see how she can help you find the success you desire for yourself or your company.


Leading from a place of authenticity and strong character, Amy guides operational strategy with a personal touch, striving to give team members a meaningful place in the organization. She uses her experience changing the culture of her own company from one focused mainly on measured performance to one where all associates feel valued, engaged and empowered, to guide you in creating the company culture you desire.

Many businesses do a great job of teaching their people how to do their jobs yet fail to encourage them to become leaders. This where Amy and her array of experiences come into the picture. Amy has mastered identifying leadership obstacles and planning creative solutions to overcome them.

Amy’s strengths are in:

  • Identifying gaps your operational procedures may be creating in culture
  • Creating processes for communication and growth success
  • Inspiring a culture where the character of your team becomes the foundation of all you do



The Multifamily Industry does an exceptional job training the technical and operational skills … the metrics … that make teams successful at what they do. The most knowledgeable trainers and speakers are available to operators on every level, from in-house workshops to keynote speakers. However, there are not many industry-experienced trainers and coached teaching our teams the essentials of leadership … that’s where Amy comes in.

On the national level, our associations have turned to the “big guy” — Dale Carnegie, Franklin Covey, etc. These organizations offer unique and amazing opportunities for our current and future leaders to grow. Who is out there with apartment experience ready to teach our teams the foundations of leadership and how they can apply it directly in the multifamily space? Amy will work with your teams on an ongoing basis to develop the leader within, addressing issues specific to multifamily operations.

Many teams and associates are missing the foundational plan to develop themselves as leaders. How does an associate gain influence over their Regional Director while holding a position as Leasing Consultant? How does a Community Manager get noticed by the C-level executives? What character qualities do current leaders look for in their Next Generation “bench”?

Amy provides leadership development to individuals and groups focused on a leader’s character, values, and personal growth as the foundation of all further development. 


Amy’s community involvement is notable. In addition to providing visionary and steady leadership to her own company, she has served on the Board of Directors for both the Arizona Multihousing Association and National Apartment Association, as well as a non-industry related international non-profit. Amy has chaired and participated in several committees and task forces ranging within these organizations, including strategic planning, budget and finance, and Next Gen related activities. She has also contributed to task forces for her local city government and the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

Amy is currently a certified John Maxwell Team trainer and coach, and will soon receive her Maxwell DISC Consultant certification.

Amy has been a licensed Elemental Leader with Laurie Beth Jones, Inc.(TM), experienced in administering the Path and Elemental Profiles (personality based communication workshops and personal mission and vision development). Amy has written for various management industry publications, with her favorite series of columns being “Lessons to My Father’s Daughter,” articles about her father’s business lessons and how they apply to life outside of work.

Besides continuing as Managing Partner of Bella Investment Group, LLC, and consulting with for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, she enjoys travel, learning, and spending time with her husband and their five kids.

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