July came (and went) fast! It’s time for a mid-year check-in on that personal leadership and growth plan. Remember that before we can effectively lead others, we need to lead ourselves.

If you created a Personal Growth Plan for 2018, it’s important to do a half-time evaluation of your successes and challenges. Here are some tips to get you started:

Be Still

Find yourself a reflecting spot–a quiet location where you can spend some time uninterrupted and undistracted. Start your time by closing your eyes and just letting whatever busyness your life holds drift away.

Be Prepared

Besides having your Personal Growth Plan handy, you might also consider having a blank sheet of paper available to jot down any distracting thoughts or necessary “to do” list items that float into your mind. In this way, you can ensure that you maintain the priority for your evaluation time.

Be Positive

Start by listing your successes so far this year. What have you accomplished? In what areas have you progressed or improved? Review your specific intentions from your Growth Plan, and list all the actions you have taken toward your 2018 growth.

Be Kind to Yourself

Inevitably, you will have things in your Growth Plan that you had hoped would be farther along than they are. Be gracious and forgiving toward yourself and recommit to those things by writing out an intention for each.

Be Encouraged

The second half of the year is still ahead of you. Tomorrow is a new day and even slight changes in your daily routine can produce significant growth in you as a person.

Congratulations! You are living an examined life! And according to Socrates, that’s the only life worth living.

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