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The Value of Character

Character matters. Who you are is the basis for how the world sees you. Every small interaction with the world around us is like another brick laid in the wall of our reputation. Here’s what I mean. None of us is perfect. We are going to make mistakes. We are going to...

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Get Noticed

As a business owner and consultant, I get asked often by next-generation leaders how to get started. Contrary to popular belief, the Millennial generation is not void of motivation and tenacity. These leaders are seeking competent and proven mentors to help focus...

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Reflection Before Resolution

I gave up making resolutions years ago. I didn't have a great system for making and keeping them. "I want to lose weight." "I will read a book a week for the year." "I'm going to be a better parent/spouse/employee." Most of the time these types of resolutions just...

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74 Questions My Daughter is Asking

Asking questions is a strength of mine. It is the greatest path to growth I know. Usually, the questions I ask others are in the context of leadership, coaching and personal growth, but recently my nineteen-year-old daughter asked me to help her think through some...

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Chasing Balance

It seems like everyone is working so hard to find that elusive ideal life balance. “How’s life?” “Busy.” I hear that conversation so many times every day and usually with a hint of an exhaustive sigh. But why is it balance everyone is seeking? A teeter-totter doesn’t...

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Daily Reflections

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” -- Plato. Or rather, Plato’s recollection of Socrates. Regardless, I’ve come to believe it’s true. Then why is it sometimes so difficult to do? Is reflection really so hard? Many studies have been conducted showing not just...

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