Customized for your group’s goals, Amy’s group coaching services include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Growth Plans
  • Increasing Self-Awareness
  • Improving Communication Skills
  • Collecting and Delivering 360 Feedback from Colleagues

Connect with Amy to discuss your organization’s unique needs. Her 20 years as a business owner and industry leader coupled with her personal leadership training will help you grow your teams and impact your goals, including your bottom line.


Each service below begins with a consultation to assess your company’s unique needs and goals.

Business Review: A Second Set of Eyes

Amy can partner with you to identify and evaluate obstacles and opportunities. Amy can give objective insight to your company’s performance and potential.

Developing Your Emerging Leaders

How can you identify the emerging leaders in your organization and prepare them for the future growth of your business? This is a pressing concern for most businesses, where economic challenges and changing marketplace conditions occupy the minds and time of most executives. Amy will coordinate your effort to identify emerging leaders and create growth plans to help them realize their potential.

Communication Analysis

More than half the battle in any business challenge is communication. Amy can help you assess your current communication practices and policies and implement a practical “best practices” strategy to improve company-wide interaction, as well as teach your team to better understand and adapt to various communication styles.

Team Building

Amy will work with your executive and management teams to develop their skills in team building and motivation through group and individual exercises and accountability. A half-day workshop is available, as well as tailored, ongoing solutions for long-term development.


Assess your company’s unique needs and understand its future goals. Begin your group coaching by establishing the vision with Amy today!

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